Pro Services in Qatar


Pro Services in Qatar

Professional PRO Services in Qatar

The term “PRO services” generally refers to the document-clearing service. The PRO service is a consulting service required by businesses and people in Qatar to handle various business procedures.

Businesses frequently lack the necessary knowledge of the procedural nuances connected with their complex operations. These might include interacting with government agencies, translating and certifying legal documents, requesting a residence visa, handling employment contracts, and many other things. Here, the assistance of an expert, like a Pro TFS professional, is essential.

You can rely on our services to help you save time and effort if you’re seeking qualified PRO services in Qatar. Pro TFS guarantees a trusted PRO service company in Qatar that address all of your business needs.
Qatar’s government maintains tight regulations for starting and operating enterprises there. Thus, you will be unable to proceed effectively without document clearance.
Our all-inclusive PRO services in Qatar help you employ public relations to advance your company going forward.

List of PRO Services Pro TFS Provides in Qatar

We offer the following services to you.

  • Issuance/renewal/amendment of commercial registration
  • Issuance/renewal/amendment of Municipality License
  • Issuance/Renewal of WLL License
  • Adding/removing partners in the CR
  • Adding/removing commercial activity
  • Processing of Labor documents 
  • Processing of Immigration documents 
  • Contact with Economic and other government departments
  • Assistance for Trademark Registration
  • Assistance for Company Classification services
  • Assistance for government, semi-government and private-sector work
  • Assistance for all types of Visa Services
  • Assistance for women work permits through husband sponsorship
  • Assistance for all certificate attestation
  • Assistance for Embassy and Foreign Affairs attestation 
  • Assistance for Police Clearance Certificate attestation
  • Assistance for Import / Export / Company Licenses attestation
  • Assistance for Legal Translation services
  • Assistance for Changing Trade Name
  • Civil Defense Coordination for Office Approval (Permit) Issuance/Renewal/Amendment
  • Signage License (Permanent) Issuance
  • Immigration License Issuance/Renewal/Amendment
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry Certificate Issuance /Renewal/Amendment
  • Legalization of Official Documents (at Embassy/All Ministries…etc)
  • Labor Department – Employees & Labors Quota Approval
  • Ooredoo Registration/Application (Landlines/Fax/Internet)
  • P.O. Box Registration/Renewal
  • Tax Card Registration/Renewal Assistance

Why it is a better way to outsource PRO services?

Businesses frequently contemplate “Is outsourcing services a smart move or not ?” The obvious experts’ response is that it makes sense to outsource these legally complicated services. As your company grows, you will realize the need to have a distinct and specialized partner for PRO services in Qatar.

Due to the fact that businesses handle a thousand processes connected to several operations, outsourcing some non-core activities can help reduce your strain and put more attention on your business. Hence, outsourcing PRO services will saves time and effort that might otherwise be used to come up with ideas for increasing the profit of your firm.